Product 1: Ball Magnet

1. Spend more Time Playing
* LESS DISRUPTION for lessons, drills and play
* Improve match-play experience
* Nearly INVISIBLE and unnoticeable while playing
* IDEAL for using a ball machine

2. Safety - Avoid Ankle Injuries
* SAVE pickup effort & Keep balls off adjoining courts
* Fewer LOST BALLS and lower replacement cost

3. Easy 2-Sided Installation
* Sets up in a few minutes

         Product 2: Ball Hubs

Are you tired of balls from adjacent courts rolling onto your court?
Its a no brainer...YES, EVERYONE HATES THIS!!!

The Ball Hubs are an optimal size to keep most tennis balls from venturing into adjacent court, thus reducing the need for "lets" during matches, clinics and lessons. 

Less time picking up balls!

More productive drills & lessons and happy students!

Breaks between drills are meant for drinking water; rest and review and not picking up balls which we all can't stand. Don't spend anymore wasted time on court and get the Ball Magnet today! 

It's like having your very own invisible ball boy!

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Uninterrupted play!

Calling DIYers

Happy members! - with less interruption and more play, 

Your members will love you for adding the Ball Hubs to their courts. Less stray balls disrupting their play from adjacent courts. 

- Allowed during USTA sanctioned events. 
- Great advertising tool for sponsors. 

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           Product 3: The Eye Coach


       Get the Eye Coach today and receive 
      30% discount on YTEX strings for a full year!

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